E-Book and Paper Choice Consideration

Now that I have created my final ideas I want to consider how my idea would look as an E-book. I also want to see how I could include sustainability into my paper considerations..



eco board

I decided to use foam board to mount my final designs on as they are eco-friendly and easy to mould into shape. I think also for presentation that this material will be good to help my images stand out!

final sheet 4 copy

Here I have tested out my ideas as an E-Book! I have decided that if this was a design which would be presented on an iPad there would be several features that could move around the page? For example the flaps could lift up electronically to show facts underneath them? Also the ingredients on the list could be pressed to see which stage of the recipe they are required in. I think that this design would work well as an E-Book as it is colourful and fun. There are also several features on the page which can be moved around the page. I think this will be a nice idea for children and adults to enjoy, which will cater for all types of learners!


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