Photoshop Final Visuals

Final Sheet 1 copy

This idea shows the final visual for my ‘Front Cover, Spine and Back’. The design on the right was inspired from my research into sustainability and the idea of ‘sustainable foods’. I placed the food in the shape of house and I did this to incorporate the idea of ‘Family Sustainability’. To match the pattern on the front I included on the reverse colourful utensils which could be used around the kitchen. I felt that this added a nice touch to the design. When choosing the typeface, I decided on, ‘Berlin Sans FB Demi’, as I liked the’bold’ look of the text. In the User Testing their were positive comments about it. The colour scheme I selected were based on my research and I felt that dark colours worked better with the lighter background. I feel like the theme of the kitchen was enhanced with this design. I also felt that the design reached the right target audience. Why? The front cover has an adult and childlike theme. The idea of the house reaches out to the older audience and the illustrations make the page suitable for children with the colour choice and design.

Final Sheet 2 copy

This is the first inner layout design which shows the idea of the ‘activity sheet’ which I looked into in my final developed ideas. I wanted to make the pages look cool and interesting. When undertaking my ‘User Testing’ is was suggested that I kept the idea of the character. Instead of using text I highlighted the ingredients required by using imagery instead of overloading the page with text.  The ‘activity style’ shown on the right hand side of the page incorporates as well the idea of the ‘storybook’ design. In this I also included flaps where I could include ‘Fascinating Facts’ and ideas. I included the logo for the company also. I introduced the character of Chris the carrot who gives knowledge about the food used in the recipe. I also including warning signs for when an ‘Adult’ is required to help with the recipe. There are parts of the recipe that are quite tricky and so I feel this helps children learn how to be careful in the kitchen also. I feel that the target audience is reached with this design, Why? Because the page looks quite sophisticated and there is activities for children to engage with. The colour code works well and the theme of the kitchen is enhanced for both adults and children.

final sheet 3 copy

This design is similar to the previous layout and this is the second inner layout that I have included in my final designs. I kept the features the same but played around with the colour ideas. On the previous idea I used purple and black as this linked in with the idea of  ‘purple broccoli gratin’. Therefore, in this idea I did the same.. I used the colour orange to link in the ingredients which in this case was the carrot. The activity styled sheet was the same as well as the concepts of an ‘Adult Alert’ and the incorporation of the ‘Fascinating Facts’ which were different in this design.


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