London Book Fair 2014 – 08/04/2014

Research Task: London Book Fair

The Book Fair at Earl’s Court was a good chance to get an idea of existing books that are targeted at children. There were a lot of stalls that were dedicated to children and they came up with a lot of brand new interesting designs. The focus of the research task was to ‘identify three different innovations relating to children’s book design.’ Three elements of ‘book design’ or ‘book publishing’ could be looked into and could be drawn from the style of the book, the added features etc.

1) LBF1 (2) 2a) LBF1 (3)

2b)LBF1 (4)

The first example that I found was from ‘Vishy Books’ and this included pop out animals. I liked this design and I thought that the design would work well for children.

  • Explain how it has been used within the design of the book or is connected to book design/ publishing. Instead of text this book design solely uses pictures and paper engineering. The book contains types different animals. This book works well for children who learn better with kinesthetic learning.
  • Describe/ explain why you consider it to be innovative. It is an interesting idea as it solely relies on activities and building which both children and adults can get involved in.
  • Consider whether you think it has been used appropriately or is suitable for children. Explain your answer. I think it is very suitable for children and this is because it is the type of book that they can engage in. It is an activity book where both children and adults can get involved.

The second example was one of my favourite designs from the show from ‘Tango Books Ltd’. There were different element of this book which I found particularly interesting and this included the pop outs and the bright colours, which I felt were suitable for children.

  • Explain how it has been used within the design of the book or is connected to book design/ publishing. The book has a kinesthetic theme again and there are a lot of features which I think would be exciting for children.
  • Describe/ explain why you consider it to be innovative. I think that the design was excellent because it not only contained a story but it also had various featured which would keep children entertained. It is a vibrant book and there were elements of the design that have inspired me for my creation of ‘The Family Sustainable Cookbook’.
  • Consider whether you think it has been used appropriately or is suitable for children. Explain your answer.It again is definitely appropriate. There are different elements of the book which would keep children entertained. It is a fun time to learn.

3a) little yellow box little yellow box 2 little yellow box 3

‘The Happy Little Yellow Box’ by ‘David Carter’ is from the same author as above and I picked another of his designs for the same reasons. I think that paper engineering is effective as it helps to get children involved in the designs the use of colour is effective also! Earlier when I researched ‘add on features’ for books these are some ideas that I could use for my own design.

 LBF1 (1)LBF1 (5) LBF1 (6)

 These were features around the event which stood out. I liked these images as they were very simple designs but I think that that they were effective. Not only were there interesting images around the show but there were also interesting examples of typography for children.

LBF 2 (1)

 Whilst at the exhibition I went to a talk on ‘Digital vs Paper‘  – The Reading Habits of Primary School:

  • The talk mentioned a reading competition which was launched in 2013 whereby 210,000 pupils participated in book reading. Overall 850,000 books were read.
  • The children were given eight categories to choose from and these include: History, Fiction, Horror, Humour, Adventure, Animals, Science-Fiction, Film & Non-Fiction.
  • The reading competition overall was successful and won nine regional awards and there was a prize in all three age-group categories.
  • Overall with the children Humour was voted the best category.
  • The pupils said that they were more likely to continue with reading with the influence of a competition.
  • The books were available for selection online/ offline and they worked well 50/50.
  • Rapid read stories were more appealing (shorter books).
  • is the website to access more information from.


LBF 2 (2)

Usborne- is a Children’s Book Publishing group that creates literature directed at children. They provide a range of different genres and cater for different age-groups.

LBF 2 (5)LBF 2 (6)LBF 2 (7)

These are some other images that I took at the exhibition which show different art styles, art collections and samples which I found interesting when looking around. I found the show very interesting as I didn’t realise that there were so many publishers that targeted children. Especially for my research I found it useful and from this trip it has given me ideas for my future ideas.

LBF1 (7) LBF1 (8)

Here shows the outside of the exhibition and Earls Court underground station.

More of the leaflets and items that I collected from from the London Book Fair are featured inside my Sketchbook. Here I have designed a collage of the event and have picked up relevant texts and images that are suitable for children. Each picture was selected out of interest and they have given me inspiration to develop my ideas.

Collage 1  collage 2


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