Development of Ideas from Research + Mock-Ups+ Front Cover Development + Involving Task 04 ‘Refinement of Ideas’

Now that I have limited my initial ideas down to three different designs I think that it will be suitable to test them out on the computer. By doing so this will give an idea as to how the final design will look. The purpose of this is to develop my ideas further and by creating ‘Mock-Ups’ of the selected designs this should help when it comes to the choosing the right inner layout for the recipe book.

As I have incorporated ‘additional features’ into the design I now need to incorporate these ideas into my designs:

1) The title for the recipe book is ‘The Family Sustainable Cookbook’ and maybe with some alteration the title could be more fun?

‘Sustenance and Sustainability?’

‘Famil’y’er Recipes’

‘Healthy Cooking’

‘Fast and Fun Recipes’ – ‘Fast, Fun, Family, Food.’

‘Food for the Family’

‘Friendly, Sustainable & Seasonal’

‘Scrumptious, Sustainable and Seasonal’.

Mock Up Double Page Spread One:

IMG_1218[1]———> Mock Up Idea 2 copy       Mock Up Idea 1 copy

This idea was inspired from one of the Developed Design I looked into (‘How these ideas could be incorporated into my ideas?’) when putting it onto Photoshop as a ‘mock-up’ design I included an illustrated cartoon strip into it also. Originally, in the design idea I incorporated the idea of a ‘cartoon strip’ into the design and added colour. I felt that the background colour of the design was too bright so that it was hard to make out any of the characters at the front of the design. I included a bold heading at the top of the left hand side to stick with the cartoon design and the image below it reflected the image of what the food would look like finished. I also included the idea of a logo and added an additional feature. I feel that the design looked a bit busy! Maybe there needs to be a much simpler background so to not contrast the images on top of it.


Mock Up Double Page Two:

IMG_1220[1] ——–>mock up idea 4 copy

The Second Idea was based on the Second design that I looked into in the design stage. As shown I included many photography and I put the image of the food in the centre of the page. I positioned the stages (step-by-step) around the final image. I kept the typography the same as I felt that it worked well with the background (Kitchen Tablecloth effect). As an additional character I also tried the design by adding a character to it (one of the designs that I practised in my sketch-book). If this design were to be taken forward there would need to be some alterations. Why? The colour could be altered to make it less bright? More add-ons could be selected? The character could change? Be moved around?

Mock Up Idea Three:

IMG_1222[1] ——> mock up idea 3 copy

This idea was the third that I developed from my initial concepts and this time I decided to keep the background quite simple. I think that this worked better as the images in the forefront look more defined. As an additional feature I included the ‘activity’ as an add-on. This would be so that children could lift up the flaps to see any interesting facts about the recipe. I think that the colour code works out and I think that it stands out nice and bright. To improve this idea, if selected, I would perhaps alter the typeface a little and play around with the idea of the character?

What I can do to improve the designs for selection?

 Now that I have made rough mock- ups for the design I am going to look into additional ideas/ research that I can include to improve the style of the design, when taking my chosen style forward for final sampling.

Ideas of Fun Typography:

There are just some ideas that I found inspirational to create typography/ images for my design:

type 1

austrian artist marion luttenberger created manually a series of

type 3

type 5

type 6

type 7

type 8

type 10

type 9

type 11

Incorporate Ideas of Sustainability into my design?:

sustainable 2

sustainable 1

I think some of the colour schemes in the designs are effective, especially the designs for sustainability. The colour scheme works well with the design ideas and the typographic design on the page is interesting to look at.

Now that I have gathered some inspiration for my designs I am going to start finalising my Front Cover Design/Development:

Front Cover Design 1

This is the design that I want to take forward for development and I have selected it from my (‘Design Ideas for the Front Cover’). Why? I felt that the design was more effective and suitable for the target audience in question. Why? The idea of the ‘Family Sustainable Cookbook’ is displayed on the front cover and I think that it works well with the genre of cooking and I think that the colourful images for children are appropriate for the target audience as they are not condescending.

Front Cover Development copy

Here is the development of the front cover design: I have kept the original design but I am testing it by sampling it with the back cover looking the same and I am testing out the ‘spine designs’. I have included the idea of a ‘chopping board’ on the back of the design for a place to position the blurb. Down the spine of the book I have also included the title of the book as well as the logo for the company.

Front Cover Development 3 copy

This is my up to date ‘Double Paged Spread’ design for my front cover/ back/ and spine. I decided to incorporate more imagery onto the back cover as I felt it was a bit empty in comparison to the front. I coloured the ‘Kitchen Utensils’ to match the colour code on the first page. I have also included the generic components for the book, including the ‘Barcode’ the ‘Price’ and the ‘Logo’. I think that the cover targets the right audience. Why? The colours are good and bright for children! The book is also appropriate for the family. I have kept the ‘title’ the same for the book! But I like the typeface for the design also. Maybe I could test out some more ideas?

Now that I have limited down my ideas to just ‘mock ups’ the next stage will be to present my concept ideas to my peers (Peer Assessment). Then I will limit down my ideas for my internal double page spreads with justification.






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