E-Book Lecture Task

Here are 3 x new examples of ‘interactive e-books/ e-learning games’

http://www.bestinteractiveebooks.com/ [Accessed 30 June 2014]


e-book 1

1) Meet the insects: Water & Grass:

Made by a company called Interactive e-books

The age range for this type of book is for children aged 7-11, this because there is much more text on the page in relation to imagery and the layout is more technical. The imagery that is used in the design is more detailed and the colour scheme is more formal. The language used in the text also hints that the layout is for a child just that little bit older.

It is an interactive e-book

Methods used to engage children: The book is about teaching children 100 hundred different insects. There is imagery, mini facts, colour schemes for the different pages, and information.

Are the methods engaging? The methods used are engaging and I think that they work really well with the layout. The colours are engaging, the imagery is detailed, clear and informative. The subject choice is also good as it is interesting for children to learn about. The fun facts are a good way for children also to learn about insects and short catchy notes help their understanding.


http://coronalabs.com/case-study/corona-takes-a-swim-with-sparky-the-shark/ [Accessed 30 June 2014]

e-book 2

2) Sparky the Shark

Age-range: The age group for this book is 5-7. I think this because the amount of images to text is higher but the images are still quite detailed. I also think that the colour scheme is suitable for this age-group.

This design again is an interactive e-book

Methods used to engage children: There are buttons to press to turn the page and to learn different clues in the story. The colour scheme is efficient and effective and the storyline is quite easy to follow.

Are these methods engaging? Yes, I think there are some good qualities. The page is not too busy and the style of the design is suitable for the genre of the book. The images are bright to help keep children focused on the story.



http://www.e-learningforkids.org/computer-skills/lesson/module-1-prehistoric-time-alphabetic-keys/ [Accessed 30 June 2014]

e-learning 1

Age-group for the this design: 5-7 year olds again. This because of the image to text ratio, the text is kept easy to read and I think it is suitable for this audience.

This is an example of an e-learning game

Methods used to engage children: The game is about a child’s adventure with her monkey , and her monkey takes her to different places where she undergoes several tasks. There are buttons to go through the story, there are games including ‘stone painting’ and there are pages of learning e.g. dinosaurs. Colour schemes are bright and there is a lot of imagery used.

Are the methods engaging? Yes, because there are lots of eye-catching features on the page. There is a page where children can select a character and where they put in their name and this is quite good as it makes the story more personal to them. They can engage better with the storyline as they would be involved. Learning activities are fun and here they can be a part of the action.





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