How these ideas could be incorporated into my ideas? and Selection for inner layouts!

Now that I have looked into some ideas for add-ons I can start the development of my inner layouts and here I can include some of the ideas that I have found from my research so far.  Here in these designs I have incorporated some of the ideas that I found in my add-on research:

Developed Idea Number One:


——-> IMG_1217[1]————->  flap book 2————–> IMG_1218[1]

This idea was developed from my research into different ‘artistic styles’ where I looked into the comic book design which I felt was suitable for this target audience. Why? Because I can incorporate this idea into a simple and interesting design. Especially for children who learn visually I think this method might be effective. After getting the idea from the ‘artistic style’ I incorporated it into my ‘Rough Concept’ ideas. Now that I have done my research also into added features I added the idea of a ‘flap’ and also I thought about introducing a character into the design. Why did I select this idea from the original ‘Initial Ideas’? I chose this particular design as I liked the simplicity of it. When researching through different art styles I found this design quite intriguing and unique to other storyboard designs. Suitable for Target Audience? Yes, images could be bold, still include text to help children engage and help children learn how to cook. This design could also be useful for adults to help their children learn?

Pros of Developed Idea One: The design is interesting a different take to usual cookery book designs. To make it more interesting I could include my own illustrations? This would break up the page a little?

Cons of Developed Idea One: It might be a challenge to make this design suitable for both genders?

Developed Idea Number Two:

 ————-> IMG_1219[1]———-> flap book 3————>IMG_1220[1]

The second idea was from an idea which I incorporated into my ‘Initial ideas’ and after finding an art style similar I decided that I actually liked the design of this double paged spread. After doing my research into additional features I again incorporated the idea of a flap and potentially a character into the design. The ‘continuous’ design which I have used here I find quite interesting as it saves room on the pages and enable the ‘storybook’ design to be positioned around the page. Why did I select this idea for development? When looking through my initial ideas I thought that this idea looked effective, there was space to add different features and I think that the overall effect looked effective and uncluttered. Is this design suitable for the correct audience? I think by adding the right features that this idea can be made appropriate. The features that I have included in the design will be good to help children learn and the clear ‘step by step’ guide will offer an easy recipe to follow.

Pros of Developed Idea Number Two: The design is nice and simple/ easy to follow. The design doesn’t look too clustered and all of the information can be contained neatly and organised.

Cons of Developed Idea Number Three: Maybe the idea is too organised and efficient for a children’s book design?

Developed Idea Number Three:

Wilkes 1——————->IMG_1221[1]————> activity book 1 (3)————> IMG_1222[1]

When looking into book covers originally ‘Angela Wilkes – Step by Step Cookbook’ was one of the first ideas that I looked into and this was my inspiration for developed idea number three. This was because I liked the way that she had used her imagery to give a ‘border’ effect around the page. Primarily, when adding this idea to my initial ideas I included an image and some room for text but after researching into the ‘additional ideas’ I swapped this design for another which formed the layout of an ‘activity sheet’. Why? Because I felt that the design looked more fun. When adding this to the design I also thought of including some flaps with questions into the design, just so there would be a way for children to learn more about the ingredients. Fascinating fact? Why did I select this design from my ideas? This was one of the first concepts that I thought of after the research stage of the project. I thought that the page could be developed to look quite fun and interesting for children. This could also be altered as well into an adult friendly design. Why does it suit this audience? Colours, questions, activities are all elements which I think children find appealing in books.

Pros of Developed Idea three: The design idea is something different and I think as well for kinaesthetic learners that this design could help children learn about sustainable foods/ recipes.

Cons of Developed Idea three: When thinking about costs to manufacture (especially to make the book more eco/sustainable friendly) it might be to pricey to develop/buy?

Now that I have limited my design ideas to just three and justified my selection I can now start to modify them by using computer software. The importance of this will be to see which of the designs works out and why and to see how this design could be adapted to two inner layouts?

Firstly, however, I want to look into the possibility of character design as I have included this into two of my designs so far:


Here are some characters that I have created and they are based around the idea of sustainability. Basing my ideas on the ideas of Ronald Slabbers (character design blog page) here are a few ideas which were inspired. I think that by incorporating an additional feature into the design like this would be a good idea to keep children engaged with the book. They could also speak and add direction to the page?

IMG_1229[1] IMG_1230[1]

Here are some of the other designs I did and I also added colour to the designs just to get an idea of how they might look on the page. When developing them for my final ideas I could incorporate them as additional features. To get the design right for children it will be important to make a design which is suitable for children.


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